Therapy Philosophy

As stated above, I believe in the individual. Individuals are created with unique gifts and talents only they have to offer the Human Race. Sometimes we get stuck, lose our way or just don't know other ways to combat the obstacles in our lives.  In the end, we all want confidence, value, appreciation and a path towards leaving a legacy or a footprint we walked this earth.


My goal for each patient is self-determination.  This simply means the patient being able to utilize me much like a personal trainer in a gym.  If you have ever had a person trainer or coach in the gym, you know you need them at first until you develop the habit of sustaining your gains on your own.  Therapy is no different.   


I utilize Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Therapy (SFT). MI is more of a spirit of interaction seeking to understand what's important to the patient. The patient sets the goals and works the plan. CBT involves understanding the thinking behind a patient's actions. All behavior has meaning. The reasoning behind the reaction to adverse stimuli is important. 


Exploring the cognitive perspective of patients provides insight on their values, beliefs and the patient's view of how he or she sees themselves and the world. SFT is just that. I focus on solutions more than rehashing the problem. Sure the problem has to be identified, but the work towards improvement is solution based.


Sometimes this throws patients because therapy has a reputation of focusing on all the bad things that happened to someone. Patients only get better when he or she addresses the past, let's it go and works towards a positive solution based strategy to regain control of their life.