Children want success.  Parents want their children to be successful.  So why are so many families achieving lack luster results compared to what both want for their lives?  These are the issues I will tackle in my upcoming book, The Art of Parent Leadership. Parent Leadership is the most influencial role a person can invest in life.  A child's world is whatever his or her parent creates.  How the parent charts his or her course for their family is key to the child being in a position to achieve success in life.


Think of your family plotting a course and you, in the role, as parent must map it out to insure you get where you are going.  Most would break out a map if they were going on vacation.  You would plan and budget and think through possible roadblocks.  Raising a family is no different and more important than anything else an individual will ever do in life.


Self Awareness is essential to developing the ability to look at one's self objectively and make the necessary adjustments to improve performance.  Most parents have this ability, but lack the intentionality to tap into to maximize their growth.  The degree to which a parent is growing and evolving is the degree to which a child grows. 


The old saying, "You can't ask someone to do what you won't do" is never more true than in parenting.  Children with anger issues and related mental health issues have parents with the same.  This is not a blame game or an opportunity for parents to feel bad.  This is a truth to be embraced.  In this same line of thinking, sometimes there's no real answer and bad things just happen.  In life, there are no guarantees.


All we can control is ourselves.  Our ability to work on ourselves and practice what we are teaching is paramount to modeling the consistency and values we desire for our children to embrace in life.  Be encouraged and know you are a gift to your child and serve a role with him or her that only you can fill.  Work hard and get coaching if you need it.  Embrace your leadership role and you will do amazing things.