Rise Up

available now in E-Book and Paperback on www.amazon.com

The book is more than political speak or pushing an angle. It is about personal responsibility, a balanced, fair approach to governing and active leadership. It provokes discussion, promotes ideas and recommends solutions to America’s current crisis as well as to the individual and their families. Rise Up is about hope, optimism and self-determination.

The last chapter, After the Credit Rolls, provides the backdrop to my first novel, Executive Decision, due out in September of 2014. It offers television executives an opportunity to lead a successful series into production.

The Art of Parent Leadership

available in November of 2017

This book is for parents. In my years as a therapist, I have often found most issues with children can be effectively resolved by working with the parents. It is true some children and adolescents have mental health issues and may benefit from therapy. I am not discounting this fact. I also believe fully in psychiatric services ductelling with therapy in certain cases.


However, there are times where parents can make adjustments and the child is able to work through the issues with minimum outside professional influence. This isn’t a book about parents becoming therapists. No one wants to live with a therapist:) – kids want their parents to be their biggest cheerleader and teacher. The ART of Parent Leadership is providing insight to parents on reconnecting to what's important and being the one who is flexible, consistent, fair and encouraging to their child. Children develop self-confidence by doing and being successful. Parents are to be teachers with an end-game.


This book will also have DVD training series that is perfect for churches, social services, schools and other related entities that can assist parents rediscover the joy and passion of being a parent and creating a thriving home life for their children.