Life Philosophy

I believe in God and though I think, see, say and do things that are often not reflective of Him, I am forever grateful that He loves, forgives and pursues me. I believe individuals are created for a reason and each is unique.


I deeply believe in one's ability to chart their own course and tap into their exceptional spirit to be and achieve greatness. Each individual is designed to be unique and offers their community and the world something no one else can ever offer. How this impacts society and benefits the person and those in the world is truly up to the individual.



Currently licensed as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a background working with low income children, adolescents and families with mental health needs



I enjoy reading, writing and speaking. I love movies and sports of all kinds.


The most important interest to me is spending time with my family. I love my wife and kids. I believe myself to be the most fortunate person in the world to have my family love me the way each one does. I understand, especially as a therapist, how blessed I am to have the mutual love and respect we do in our home.


I truly believe that as death comes for our physical bodies it can never have our legacy.  Who we invest in is carried on within those we love well. Relationship building and communicating to those in our lives how important each is to us is a dying art in our current world. Take time to reflect on those you love and those who love you.